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Planning - Knitting Projects

Frances Paki

Further to my sewing planning, I also sorted through my yarn and ravelry queue and reminded myself of all the exciting knitting projects I have in the near future.

Image from  Julie Hoover

Image from Julie Hoover

First up is Cline by Julie Hoover, which I made a start on a few months ago. I have completed the back but the project stalled as it calls for a tubular cast on. This was the first time I had used this technique and looking up how to do it again just seemed like too much brain power. I was going to knit the front next but then I thought if I knitted the sleeves next it would be fewer stitches to cast on and allow me to get used to the technique a bit more.

The yarn is merino, silk, possum blend and is a beautiful grey and white marle. I got it from Olive, formerly of Spinning a Yarn when she was having a de-stash last year. I am knitting straight from the cone which doesn’t make it particularly portable but I am happy to just work on this at home.

Image from J ess Schreibstein

Image from Jess Schreibstein

This pattern is one I cast on just the other day. For someone who doesn’t like knitting rib I’m not sure what I was thinking casting on a allover 1x1 ribbed jumper. I do love the shape and design features of this pattern which is Denes by Jess Schreibstein. The wide raglan shaping is gorgeous. And the yarn I am using is beautiful! It’s a BFL/Masham blend in the Withering Orchid colourway from Ruataniwha Dye Studio. I will enjoy wearing this when its completed, but I won’t be surprised if it’s not til winter 2020 when it is finally done.

Image from  Brooklyn Tweed

Image from Brooklyn Tweed

Truss by Melissa Wehrle is also on my list. I am planning to knit it in this grey Rosewood Wool. Rosewood Romney wool is one of my most favourite yarns to knit with however it sadly isn’t available anymore. This yarn has already been knitted into a different cardigan and I wore it a lot but I didn’t like the neckline shape on me. It was round and sat quite wide on my shoulders. I think this one will sit closer to my neck at the shoulder area, and I do like the V neck shaping.

Image from  Jonna Hietala

Image from Jonna Hietala

This pattern, Morning Fog by Jonna Hietala, was designed to be knit with two strands of silk/mohair on 5.5mm needles which would be so light and airy. I am planning to knit it in this Gotland DK weight yarn from Blacker yarns. I haven’s swatched yet but I think it will work. The Gotland yarn has a fuzzy halo that should bloom to a beautiful, light fabric. This colour is one that I don’t have much (if any) of in my wardrobe but it really appeals to me and I look forward to wearing it.

Image from  Ohlanas

Image from Ohlanas

I recently finished a project in Moeke yarns and I adored every moment of knitting it. I can not wait to cast on Teru by Junko Okamoto using Moeke yarns again. I am also excited to knit one of Junko’s patterns again. She always has interesting construction techniques and shapes in her designs.

Some of this yarn has been reclaimed from a cardigan that I loved knitting but didn’t love the shape of for me so I am hoping this will be a better use for it. The contrasting dark brown is Moeke that I dyed with walnuts and then modified with iron. It is such a beautiful, rich colour.


And lastly, a cardigan for Tiraki. I have had some Rosewood wool put aside for this project since she was nine months old and I can not wait to knit this for her. I think she is going to love it in purple. The pattern is Merriment by Melynda Bernardi. It is such a sweet wee design. It is a steeked pattern which I have never done before and I am looking forward to trying out the technique.

So that’s the round up of my big projects for the next months, or maybe even years. I have a few sock patterns I’d like to knit when I am feeling inspired to knit something smaller, and maybe the odd hat. I do really enjoy knitting jumpers though. I wear them at any opportunity and feel they are items that can be handed down through generations